How To Define Shipping In Woocommerce


To set up shipping in WooCommerce, you first define shipping zones, then add methods to those zones and finally values ​​to your methods. You can create as many zones as you want and add many methods and values ​​to each zone.

Customers see only the available methods for their address and the corresponding zone. Each client only fits one belt.

For example:

Zone nameArea (s)Shipping method
Atticazip code or AtticaFree shipping, Weight based shipping
The rest of GreeceGreeceWeight based shipping
Inaccessible areasGreeceWeight based shipping

Add as many zones as you need, with each zone containing multiple shipping modes.

Setting shipping zones

To set shipping zones, go to: WooCommerce →Settings → Shipping .

The first time you visit WooCommerce →Settings → Shipping, you will be prompted to add a new zone and a default zone.

You can also exclude areas from the shipment by adding a zone for that area and specifying any shipping methods in it.

Add new zone

Step 1:

Go to: WooCommerce → Settings  Shipping  Shipping Zones .

Step 2:

Select Add Shipping Zone at the top.

Step 3:

Enter a zone name.
Regions can consist of: a) Countries, b) States, c) Continents.

Step 4:

Select Zone Areas by specifying specific zip codes (if any) to further restrict customers to your zone.

Step 5:

Choose which Shipping Methods are available in this zone.

Each shipping method can have:

✅Fixed Rate

✅ Free shipping

✅Local Pickup

✅Weight based shipping

Add Shipping Method

Select the shipping method you want to add and click Add shipping method.

Click edit in the upload method to add values ​​to the selected methods.

  • Fixed Factor Settings

I set a fixed shipping cost.
For example, to charge our store 2 € for shipping within Attica.

  • Settings Free shipping

Free Shipping is a special method that can be activated with coupons and minimal amounts of consumption.

  • Settings Pick up from the store
    Allow customers to pick up their own orders.
  • Weight Based Shipping

Adjustment of transport costs based on kilos.

Go to: Add- ons → New add -on → Weight based shipping Installation → Activate

Return to shipping methods → select weight based shipping → edit → add shipping rules → add new

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