WOOCOMMERCE:Managing Product Categories, Tags and Attributes


1. Product categories

Product categories are the main way of grouping products with similar characteristics. You can add, delete and edit product categories. you can also add subcategories if you wish.

For example, if you sell clothes, you may be in the category of “t-shirts”, “cardigans” and “pants”.

→ How to add / edit product categories

From the menu on the left, select  Products   -> Categories  to create a new category.

  • Add a name .
  • Add slug (optional). this is the URL-friendly version of the name.
  • Select a Parent category if it is a subcategory.
  • Enter a description (optional). some issues show this.
  • Select the display type . Decide what appears on the category landing page.
    • ” Default value ” uses the default of your theme.
    • ” Subcategories ” will only display subcategories.
    • ” Products ” displays only products.
    • ” Both ” will display subcategories and products below it.
  • Upload / Add image (optional). Some topics have pages that display product category images, so this is a good idea.

From WooCommerce, there will be a default category. Each product must be assigned to one category, so the default category will be assigned automatically if the product is not assigned to any other category. By default, this category will be called “Uncategorized” and can not be deleted. However, you can rename the category. You can also change the default category using the row actions under the category name, and then the “Uncategorized” category can be deleted as it is no longer the default.

When you add a new product through Products -> Add Product , you can select this new product category from the list.

Alternatively, you can go to Products > Add Product Directly and select Add New Product Category.

2. Product tags

What are product tags?

Product tags are another way of relating products to each other, next to product categories. Unlike categories, there is no hierarchy on tags. so there are no “sub-tags”.

For example, if you sell clothes and have a lot of cat prints, you could create a tag for the word “cat”. Then add this tag to the menu or sidebar so cat lovers can easily find all the cat print t-shirts, sweatshirts and pants.

→ How to add / edit product tags

Tags can be added similar to adding product categories.

From the menu on the left, select  Products  ->  Tags to create a tag.

  • Add a name .
  • Add slug (optional).
  • Enter a description (optional). some issues show this.

3. Product attributes

What are the attributes of the product?

A third and most important way to group products is to use attributes. There are two uses for this type of WooCommerce-related data:

  • The first is through WooCommerce widgets. “Product Filtering by attributes” lets you select a specific feature. If you add this widget to your sidebar, customers can filter products in your store based on feature.
  • The second is through variable products. To create a variable product, you must first define a attributes for the product. These attributes can then be used to distinguish between different variants. For example, if you sell clothes, two logical features are “color” and “size”, so that people can search in categories for a color that suits their style and type and the clothes that are available in their size. .

→ Add / edit product attributes

From the menu on the left, select  Products   -> Attributes to add, edit and remove attributes.

Here you can quickly and easily add attributes and their terms.

  • Add a name .
  • Add slug (optional).
  • Select a default sort order. Choose between


“Name (numeric)”

“Term ID”

“Name (numeric)” is relevant if the values ​​are numbers. If you select “Name”, it is sorted alphabetically by 1 and 10 before 2. If you select “Name (numeric)” it is sorted by numeric value.

  • Select Add attribute

The attribute is added to the table on the right, but without values.

  • Select the text “Set Terms” to add attribute values
  • Add as many values ​​as you want.

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