Web Hosting

Web Hosting

Fast – Reliable – Secure Servers

Website hosting

Through specially designed and reliable servers with modern infrastructure, we host your websites and ensure maximum speed, performance and security. We choose the ideal package that suits your needs

Maximum speed

Fast loading of pages


Anti-malware, Anti-spam

Data protection

SSL Certificate for secure navigation and transactions

Software updates

Latest software updates for better results


Optimizing the user experience


Introducing the latest updates and upgrades

Hosting Packages












web hosting kαι κατασκευή server

Custom Server

In addition to the packages (web hosting) that we provide, we undertake to build the Server of your choice with the technical characteristics that you will request from us.

All packages include

SSL Certificate

We keep the site data secure with a free SSL certificate that allows their encrypted transmission

Πιστοποιητικό SSL

Κρατάμε ασφαλή τα δεδομένα του ιστότοπου με ένα δωρεάν πιστοποιητικό SSL που επιτρέπει τη κρυπτογραφημένη μετάδοση τους

Data Security

We provide maximum security using the most modern mechanisms for safe navigation

99,99% Network Uptime

Continuous operation of the website server so that you are always online

Maximum speed

Through fast servers we ensure the fast loading of the pages of your site

GDPR Compliance

Compatibility with GDPR regulations, ensuring maximum protection of personal data


Specialized solutions, immediate communication and quick solution of any problems

Why Codnext?

Following the new market trends, we provide high quality hosting services to ensure for you maximum loading speed, data security and the reliability of your customers. Stay online 24/7.
Do you want an internet home for your website?

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