Viva Wallet Connection With Woocommerce


Here’s how to get started:


Download and install the add-on, which allows online payments directly from the Viva Wallet page, on your WooCommerce-supported website through WordPress Administrator.

If you do not already have one, sign up for and create an account at Viva Wallet.


Once logged in to your Viva Wallet account, go to Settings → API access and scroll down to the WooCommerce Credentials section .

Click Generate a pair of credentials . Be sure to copy the Client ID and Client secret to your clipboard (or keep a temporary copy somewhere safe).


Go back to your site’s WordPress Administrator control panel and go to WooCommerce →Settings  Payments .

At the top of this page, you will see the Activate Viva Wallet box – select it.

If you want to try before you start, also select the Enable Mode Demo box . Leave unchecked to start accepting payments on your site.

Then, if you did not enable the demo feature, fill in the Live Client ID field and the Live Client Secret (which you obtained earlier from your Viva Wallet account) in the Live mode credentials fields.

If you have enabled the demo feature, fill in the Demo Client ID and the Demo Client Secret (acquired earlier from your Viva Wallet account) in the Demo mode credentials fields.


You can then set up additional features – such as card logos, description and order status – by checking the Show advanced settings box.

Click the Save Changes button when done. A confirmation message will appear, displaying the payment code that the add-on has automatically set up in your Viva Wallet account.

That is, you are now ready to start receiving payments with Viva Wallet.

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