Support & Maintenance Services

Website - eshop - servers - hosting - databases

Project support

Every business to ensure a long and successful online course should remain up to date in content, upgraded to features, protected from viruses and attacks, a safe destination for users, and free from technical problems. All this contributes to the constant recognition by google and increasing traffic from users.

τεχνική υποστήριξη ιστοσελίδων

Ενημέρωση & Συντήρηση

Συντήρηση υπάρχοντος website & eshop

Maintenance of existing website & eshop

If you already have a website or eshop in another provider, we can still provide you with support in any technical and non-technical issue. Website design or eshop are different services that can be available both in combination with support and separately.

Maintenance Contracts

Specialized solutions 100% tailored to your needs. We solve every technical issue, we keep your page up to date following market trends and European standards. Continuous monitoring and optimization of your page is essential for its viability and success.

Συμβόλαια Συντήρησης ιστοσελίδων

Support Services

Updates & Upgrades

Installation of the latest versions , compatibility adjustment and installation of any modern technology

Content refresh

Introducing new products for eshop, adding articles and blog section to the site, updating existing content, etc.

Cleaning and protection against hacking and viruses

Installing and / or upgrading security versions , for a secure online presence, protected from risks and ensuring safe navigation for users

Upgrade (Migration)

Reconstruction & upgrade of the existing website with the possibility of transferring the content, the structure of the site or the eshop from the existing environment to the widespread platform WordPress

Daily backup

Possibility of daily data recovery of your tasks so that you do not lose anything

Speed improvement

Appropriate actions and settings to get maximum loading speed for better user experience and enhanced SEO actions

Error correction

Correction of content and structure functional errors , such as incorrect destination links, non-display of categories, poor image quality, etc.

Data Security-Security Certificates

Import security certificates (HTTPS / SSL) and encrypt information to collect visitors' personal data

Protect emails from spam and viruses

Check and install anti-spam filters and antivirus for maximum protection against risks

Web Hosting Support

Check and install anti-spam filters and antivirus for maximum protection against risks

Why Codnext?

Following the new market trends and using modern tools, we provide support of all kinds on websites and eshops to facilitate their management, problem solving and prevention, their safety and optimal operation.
Do you want the page to remain functional and efficient?

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