SMS Marketing

SMS Marketing

Connect with your customers on the device they use most.

What is sms marketing

SMS Marketing is a marketing technique that uses SMS text messages to promote products and services to recipients-consumers in order to increase business sales. It basically works in a similar way to email marketing.

sms marketing

The 3 top benefits of SMS marketing

Instant Advertising

Smartphones are everywhere and consumers depend on them. SMS will reach 98% of the people you send.

Opening of sms

SMS campaigns are received immediately after they are sent and most importantly, they are also read almost immediately.

Positive Feedback

About one third of SMS recipients respond positively to campaign content.

αποστολή μηνυμάτων

Who is it for?

Regardless of the type of business, sending SMS can bring you positive results.

E-commerce stores

Travel companies

Restaurants / Bars or Nightclubs

Businesses that provide services

Anyone else who wishes to send an SMS update


SMS marketing can be used by businesses to achieve several marketing goals.

Boost sales

Use SMS marketing to share promotions, discounts and limited time offers to increase revenue.

Build relationships

Provide customer service and SMS support with two-way chats.

Attract your audience

Quickly share important updates and new content via bulk text messages.

Gather potential customers

Allow potential customers to sign up for text messages or send individual questions.

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How do we work?

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Send us a list of contacts

Send list of mobile numbers and message you wish to send.

Create an SMS campaign

We create the SMS campaign by scheduling a specific date and time of its sending.

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Detailed statistics

We provide a complete picture of your campaign with detailed statistics such as how many people received your message and how many did not. That way you know what works best for you.

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