Keyword Stuffing – Why Tactics Are Wrong

There was once a time, not so long ago, when the tactic of “stuffing” a site with keywords brought great results. At the time, this tactic helped a lot to manipulate the ranking position on the Google results page.

This resulted in various sites appearing high in the rankings simply by filling them in with various keywords, even if their content was completely irrelevant to what the user was looking for.

This resulted in a very bad browsing experience, as valuable time was lost in reading a content that turned out to be irrelevant to what the user was looking for.

The dangers of over-optimization

Keyword stuffing is now considered an obsolete and dangerous tactic by Google. In fact, Google itself may impose sanctions on a site if it realizes that it is being abused and, in fact, has warned that its purpose from now on is:

«…To upgrade the “battlefield”. To distinguish all those who do overly SEO, in the absence of imagination of their content, from those who create really impressive content. We try to make Googlebot smarter, to improve the relevance of the content search with what the user is looking for, so that the browsing experience is also improved ».

In short, Google hates overloading keywords sites. He believes that the purpose of this site is not to offer an interesting experience to the user, but to overcome the algorithm of search engines.

SEO vs. Over-optimization SEO 

You should definitely not be intimidated by the way you incorporate keywords into your content. The important thing is not to focus on how to defeat the robo-crawling-spider-bots, but to focus on the human factor. The most important thing is to use the keywords in your texts with naturalness and proper organization:

  1. Find the keywords that interest you (via Google Keyword Planner).
  2. Gather and record those that interest you and are high in searches.
  3. Organize the structure of your content.
  4. Now begins the difficult part… Think, think and rethink your content! Write, erase and rewrite so that you can organically integrate keywords and create high quality content!


  • Get in the position of your potential customer!
  • Do not try to fool him!
  • Convince him of your services or products!

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