How To Create Coupons In Woocommerce


Create easy discount coupons for your eshop customers with Woocommerce.

Log in to the WordPress admin control panel and from there to Woocommerce and select Settings.

Find the General tab where we select the option Enable the use of coupons and finally click Save Changes to save the changes we made.

Create a coupon:

  1. From the options menu, select Marketing . Coupons
  1. Click the Add Coupon option to create a new coupon.
  1. We fill in the Coupon Code field with the code that the customer will have to enter in order for the discount to be valid, and in case we want we fill in some additional information in the description field.

4. Then in the Coupon Data box there are three new options General Restriction of Use and Limits of Use.


Discount type:

  • Percent discount: Here we have a discount rate on the entire cart, e.g. 20%.
  • Fixed discount in the cart: That is, for any purchase the discount amount will be the same, e.g. 10 € .
  • Fixed product discount: I have a fixed discount on specific products.

Coupon price: In this field we fill in the value of our coupon .

Allow free shipping: Select this box if you want our coupon to provide free shipping.

Coupon expiration date: Fill in the date until which we want the coupon to be valid.

Restriction of use

Minimum amount of consumption: This field allows you to set the minimum amount required to use this coupon.

Maximum amount of consumption: This field allows you to set the maximum amount allowed when using the coupon.

Individual use only: Select this box if you want the coupon can not be used in conjunction with other coupons.

Exclude products on offer: Select this box if the coupon should not be used on products on offer.

Products : In this field we fill in the products that must be in the basket for the coupon to be valid or in terms of “product discounts” which products have a discount.

Product Exclusion: We fill in the products to which the coupon will not apply or can not be in the cart so that the specified cart discount applies.

Product categories: We fill in the product categories that we want to apply the coupon discount.

Exclude categories: Fill in the product categories to which the coupon will not apply or can not be in the cart so that the specified cart discount applies.

Allowed email addresses: Fill in the email addresses that can use the discount.

Limits of use

Use limit per coupon: In this field we fill in how many times the coupon can be used before it is canceled.

User Limit: We choose how many times a customer can use the coupon. The option uses either the customer billing email or the ID of the logged in users to count the coupons.

Once we are done with our settings we click Post and our coupon is ready for use.

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