How to create a new WordPress article

WordPress article
One of the features of WordPress that most webmasters use is blog posts.Posts are a key feature of WordPress, since WordPress was originally launched as a blogging platform.


One of the features of WordPress that most website owners use is blog posts. Posts are a key feature of WordPress, since WordPress was originally launched as a blogging platform. In this article, you will see how you can easily create a new WordPress article.

1.From the menu on the left, select Posts> Add New to create a new article.


2. In the “Add title” field, fill in the title you want your article to have. Just below, you can start writing the text of your article.

add tittle

How to format your text

WordPress lets you format your text. By simply typing the text, a menu appears. By pressing the ¶ you can select whether you want the text to be a paragraph, a list or a header. You can align your text to the right, left or in the middle, display it in bold or italics or add a link. You can change a paragraph by pressing Enter. If you have selected a formatting in the previous paragraph, then you should follow the same procedure.

In case you want to add an image or a collection of images to your article, then change the paragraph and click . If the option to import an image does not appear, then click “Browse all”.

3. In case your WordPress article has a category, find the Categories tab from the menu on the right and select the categories you want it to have (e.g. If your article is about building web pages and you want to post the article in the WEBSITES category, then tick the corresponding box). An article can be posted in more than one category.


4. From the menu on the right, you can fill in the Tags field. Article tags are an additional way to link articles together, in addition to categorizing them into articles. In the “Feature Image” tab you can add an image, which will appear as the main image of the article. You can enable or disable comments on this article via the Discussion tab, or add if you like the “Quote” tab. The excerpt will appear below the main image of the article.


5. Once you have set up everything you need for your WordPress article, click Post.

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