Email Marketing – Newsletters

Email Marketing – Newsletters

The easy way to grow your business.

What is email marketing?

Email marketing is the most economical and secure way to increase your sales. Despite the rise of social media and spam, email remains the most effective way to cultivate potential customers and boost customer loyalty.

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Advantages of email marketing

Sales increase

Increasing sales is a key goal. You immediately inform your existing and future customers about offers, discounts, new products.

Low cost

Compared to all other digital marketing solutions it is the most economical. You start completely free.

High efficiency

Bulk sending of targeted messages, to inform your existing and future customers about what you want your customers to know.

Targeted marketing

You can create smaller groups and send targeted campaigns with specific products, special offers, etc.

Detailed statistics

Using an email marketing tool, you can see how many opened the email, which links were clicked and which recipients did not open the email.

Send personalized messages

You can personalize your emails, for example by starting with the recipient's name.

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How do we work?

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Send us a list of customer email

To send an email – you need to have a list of customer email addresses that you have either collected during the course of your business, or new ways to attract new customers with various incentives such as contests, gifts, coupons, etc. .K.

Creating an email marketing campaign

We undertake the creation of visual arts & texts entirely. Creating the right newsletter, harmonized with the colors and designs of your business. The right newsletter should be displayed correctly in all available media and should be in line with your entire corporate identity.

αποστολή email

Contact and send email

We will contact you for the final approval of the campaign and we will continue sending the bulk emails. For the needs of sending the Newsletter we use the well-known platform of MailChimp.

Detailed statistics

We offer you a complete picture of your campaign with detailed statistics such as how many people received your message, how many opened it, how many clicked on the newsletter links, etc. That way you know your audience and you know what works best for you.

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