Direct Bank Transfer


Direct bank transfer

Bank transfer is a key payment gateway to WooCommerce. By bank transfer, customers can make a payment from their bank account directly to yours.

Many payment methods automatically update the status of your orders (under WooCommerce> Orders). With bank transfers, the status of the order must be updated manually as soon as the money has been successfully transferred. Make sure you complete this task as soon as the bank transfers are used.

How do I activate instant bank transfer?

Step 1: Go to WooCommerce →Settings → Payments .

Step 2: Use the switch in the Activation area to select Instant Bank Transfer.

Step 3: Select Manage and you will be taken to the instant bank transfer settings.

Step 4: Configure your settings:

  • Enable / Disable → Enable for use. Off for off.
  • Title  → Select the title that appears to customers when the purchase is completed
  • Description → Add information displayed to customers if they choose Instant Bank Transfer
  • Instructions → Explain how to make a payment to a bank account
  • Account Details → Enter your bank account details in this field to accept your customers’ deposits.
    Here are the fields:
    • Username
    • Account number
    • Bank name
    • Sort code
    • IBAN
    • BIC / Swift

Step 5: Save the changes.

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