Digital Marketing winner in 2017

Digital marketing continues to be the focus of interest for small and large businesses. The spread of social media continues to grow both globally and in our country. According to the Digital report in Southern Europe 2017 , 49% of the total population of Greece are now active social media users, a percentage increased by 10% compared to 2016.

The innovation of digital marketing is none other than the increase of sales with low costs, something in which traditional marketing lags behind so far. When 83% of active users in Greece use their social media accounts every day, targeted ads on platforms such as Facebook and Instagram as well as ads through Google Adwards are more effective than any other type of advertising. Also, the daily use of social media through mobile phones creates another field of action. Digital marketing through e-mail marketing and sms marketing, which offer direct and mass advertising.

Digital marketing is constantly gaining ground in the business agenda. Businesses turn to companies with specialized knowledge of its services such as Codnext. But there is still a percentage who have not yet tried this new way of advertising, thus ignoring its benefits. But since 50% of active users watch online video daily from mobiles and computers, why not one of them is your business? Trust the marketing of the future and you will win today!

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