How to create a new WordPress article

One of the features of WordPress that most webmasters use is blog posts.Posts are a key feature of WordPress, since WordPress was originally launched as a blogging platform. … Read More

MEDORGANIZER.GR | Organize your Clinic with a modern Medical Software

Using medical software you will find that setting up a doctor’s office is now an easy task.
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MEDORGANIZER.GR | How a medical software will become the necessary ally of doctors

A medical software is always necessary because, as those who use it emphasize, it loosens the hands of scientists … Read More

Simple Tips For Secure Online Ticket Buying

Online shopping is now a reality in the field of Art as well. We can now book all types of tickets online such as tickets for theaters, concerts, museums and archeological sites. … Read More

Digital Marketing winner in 2017

Digital marketing continues to be the focus of interest of small and large businesses as the spread of social media continues to grow both globally and in our country.
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Tips for the proper use of e-mail

Email is one of the most popular ways to communicate via the internet. However, it would be useful to mention some basic practices for the proper use of e-mail. … Read More

Website Design – Trust the experts

A website should be friendly, easy to use, understandable by its visitors.
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5 Simple Steps for a Solid SEO Strategy

The term SEO is the abbreviation of the word Search Engine Optimization which in Greek means Search Engine Optimization.
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Keyword Stuffing – Why Tactics Are Wrong

There was once a time, not so long ago, when the tactic of “stuffing” a site with keywords brought great results. At the time, this tactic helped a lot to manipulate the ranking position on the Google results page.
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Facebook page: Scheduling and managing posts

owadays, almost all companies have a page on social media and especially on facebook. The daily and constant interaction with the users has become an integral part of the daily life of every business … Read More