Simple Tips For Secure Online Ticket Buying

Online shopping is now a reality in the field of Art as well. We can now book all types of tickets online such as tickets for theaters, concerts, museums and archeological sites.


Online shopping is now a reality in the field of Art as well. We can now book all types of tickets online such as tickets for theaters, concerts, museums and archeological sites. Buying tickets online is constantly gaining ground as we save time. It does not require effort and most of the time we save money.

But how do we make a secure ticket purchase online?

Here are some helpful tips to help you avoid risks and complete your online shopping safely.

  • Online Store Choice: There may be many online stores that contain the ticket you are looking for. The choice of a specific online store can be made after an internet search. You can choose a store that you have shopped in the past and trust or even a store that you have recommended.

    Whatever the original way of choosing the store, it is good to find out if the specific ticket is provided by other stores. So you can compare prices to achieve the most advantageous. Depending on the type of market and the type of store, it is possible to find reviews from other buyers on various websites that will help you reach your choice.
    It is important that the store website contains the type and name of the store. In addition, it should contain contact information such as address, telephone and e-mail. You can also search for the store on the website of the General Secretariat for Consumer Affairs . This way, you will make sure that it is registered in the General Commercial Register, which means that the competent authority is aware of the existence of the specific store.
  • Terms of use of online stores: We should not ignore the terms of use of online stores or the terms of the specific purchases we want to make as they may contain useful information about store policy, ticket cancellations, refunds and use of our personal data.
  • How to Pay for the Ticket: Online stores provide various payment methods such as payment by credit, debit or prepaid card, through payment services such as paypal, by deposit in a bank account or by cash on delivery. Bank deposit and cash on delivery do not carry the risks of card payment. In the case of cash on delivery, however, there may be an additional charge for sending the ticket and delivering the money. You have to choose the payment method that suits you best.
  • Electronic Payment with Security: At the time of electronic payment, before giving your card details, make sure that there is a “padlock” in the field that indicates the address of the website you have visited. Also, the email address should start with https: // (be careful to include the “s” at the end of “http”, ie “https”) which means that the payment information is encrypted. It is good to click on the “padlock” or the green bar that appears in place of the padlock, which has the details of the company. From the menu that will open you can search for the information of the digital certificate of the specific company. Digital certificates are issued by recognized authorities or companies that guarantee the security of your transactions. Be sure to note that the digital certificate is valid (Verified or Validated). Before completing your online shopping, make sure that the information you provide is correct and that the ticket you are buying is what you want.
  • I do not send credit card information by phone or e-mail: You should never send account information, card codes or codes for payment services by telephone, e-mail or unsecured websites (without the “padlock” or “https”) . In this case, there is a high probability that your data will be intercepted and used for malicious purposes..
  • Obtain confirmation of purchase: You should always keep the transaction completion report. This includes information that you may find useful in the event of a purchase problem. If you do not receive a confirmation message for the completion of the purchase, contact the store to ask if there was a problem with the transaction.
  • Billing Check: Check your account transactions or credit card charges frequently. This will make sure that the expected charges are met. Act immediately if you see a suspicious transaction.
  • Avoid using shared computers: Do not make your online purchases through public or shared computers or through public internet connections such as open wireless networks (Wi-Fi). It is advisable to use your personal computer, which must have the latest security updates and include an antivirus program.

Follow the above tips and use the internet safely for your online shopping, avoiding queues, unnecessary hassle and extra charges.

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