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Our philosophy

Codnext Software is a dynamic IT company. Having great experience, we offer specialized solutions for your every need. We follow the new trends of the market, we are constantly updating and evolving to have state-of-the-art solutions in each case. Every business is unique and this is exactly what we have as a starting point in the implementation of our projects. Modern structure, impressive design but at the same time friendly and easy-to-use environment for users and administrators. To create your online presence in such a way as to highlight your uniqueness. Always thinking of your needs, we suggest specialized solutions for the implementation of the best result. But we go further than that. We guide you so that you can familiarize yourself and modify the pages. We develop relationships of trust with our customers. More specifically, we specialize in the construction of e-shops, websites and blogs, achieving the best results depending on the field of the business, the goals and the target audience. Software development is something we know very well and we really like to implement reliable programs for you that will literally untie your hands. Hosting services or Web Hosting refer to the accommodation of your online businesses by us. This ensures the high loading speed of the pages and the security in the internet space.

Website, Eshop & Blog Development

Depending on the field of the business, based on your needs 100%

Web Hosting (Hosting for every need – Shared Hosting & Reseller Hosting)

We host your sites on fast and reliable servers for maximum performance

SEO optimization

Implementation of practical methodology in order for your site to  be appeared at the top of google search results

Development and support of software systems and databases

Development of reliable and innovative programs to satisfy your needs 

Website & Eshop Maintenance & Support

We renovate existing websites and eshops to be functional, secure, modern and reliable


Extensive experience and deep knowledge in Website, E-shop and Software Development, and Web Hosting


Consistency in delivery times and keeping our promises


We implement your projects in real time and efficiently

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